"Waitin’ Around EP is a pretty delightful little thing that calls itself Southern Rock, but doesn’t have the masculine posturing that so much of that genre has...He sings in a way that you might call breathy—or waifish, even?—that lends something soothing and dreamlike to the songs. Coupled with the sparing use of synth lines to embellish the sound, it all contributes to a particular sense of content disaffection."

Bee Gabriel ~ The Quarterly Review of Contemporary Country

"My favorite track is the Eighties-sounding "You Were Made for Loneliness": Energetic, danceable and catchy right from the get-go. Recorded using classic analog synthesizers, including a first model Juno 6 and a Linndrum machine, this brings to mind the lush, crisp early-Eighties sounds from artists like Gary Numan, The Human League and Peter Godwin."

Tom Homulka ~ SoundThread